Global News Summary 29.3.2010

Human Trafficking Increases on Sino-Burma Border

A woman from a small village in Burma recalls the story of how she was tricked and exploited. A man approached her and offered her a job in a factory in China so she would be able to support her family. Upon crossing the border with many other Burmese girls, she was drugged and sold to a man who took her to his farm as his wife. At first she refused, but she was beaten so much that it became easier to just give in. When she was found a year later, she was treated as an illegal immigrant.

Burmese women are being sold for between 10,000 and 40,000 yuan (US $1,500 to $6,000) into forced marriage. Thousands of girls are forced to work as domestic slaves to pay off the fee paid for them and they are often beaten and raped. NGOs are concerned that China is not doing enough to recognise and protect the victims of human trafficking. Read More

Woman Kept as a Domestic Slave in Harrow, UK

A 46 year old woman from Tanzania was rescued from a house in Harrow, North-West London, in February. Police suspect she was made to work up to 20 hours a day and was not allowed to leave the house on her own. They believe the victim was trafficked into the UK in the past 5 years and was initially paid 10 pounds a month before she stopped receiving any payments at all. A 67 year old woman is being questioned on suspicion of human trafficking offences. Read More

First Convicted Human Traffickers in South Africa

A couple was convicted of human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Durban, South Africa with the use of criminal laws related to sexual exploitation. The couple was arrested after trafficked Thai women managed to escape and found sanctuary in the Thai embassy in 2007. They will be sentenced in May and can face up to lifetime imprisonment. This court hearing comes at interesting time for human trafficking legislation in South Africa. Read More

Two Hungarians Jailed for Human Trafficking in the UK

Two Hungarian men who brought women into the UK to work as sex slaves have been sentenced to eight years in prison each. The men promised Hungarian women lucrative work opportunities in the UK; some knew they would be working in the sex industry but were expecting to be making more than 1,000 pounds a week, others had no idea. From the money the women made they were only allowed to keep pocket money for food and were not allowed to leave their flat. At least one of the women was abused physically and mentally. Read More


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