Diary of a Trafficked Call Girl

I have just read an interesting article on the internet…a trafficked girls’ diary. Quite different to the often glamorous versions of call girls’ lives we see on TV and in movies.

Julianna, a 19 year old Hungarian girl, left her home country to come to the UK and work in the sex industry in order to fund her studies. She intended to work for three weeks, as she was promised thousands of pounds, and to fly home and focus on her education.

She knew this wouldn’t be easy work, but Julianna believed that if she could just get through it, she would be back in no time with enough money to secure her future. The image of call girls she had was much closer to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman than any real life equivalent. Julianne imagined being rescued by a dashing Richard Gere.

Life in the UK as a sex worker was nothing like Pretty Woman. Julianna’s diary describes images of violence and abuse. Men who did not care about the wellbeing of the women they were having sex with; who were trying to get as much as they could for as little money as possible.

The woman that Julianna had contacted for the job and who had bought her plane ticket took all the money she earned leaving her with virtually nothing. It was becoming clear three weeks was not going to be enough to buy a plane ticket home. She spiraled into depression and began drinking to cope with her life.

Julianna also discovered another woman who had been trafficked for sexual exploitation. Natalia was a mother of two from Hungary who had been promised a job in the UK but her passport was seized as soon as she arrived in the country and she was locked away, unable to escape and forced to work in the sex industry.

After gaining her traffickers’ trust Julianna was given keys to the flat and she was able to escape. Thanks to the detailed diary she kept, her traffickers were found and sent to jail for eight years each.

I find this story very interesting because it’s very rare to hear about women who knew they were going to work in the sex industry but were faced with a different experience altogether. It’s important to separate between women who choose to work in the sex industry, and are able to leave whenever they want and keep the money they make and women who are forced to work and are exploited without ever seeing any money.

Julianna wanted to work in the sex industry, she believed she could do it for three weeks and leave it behind her. This does not change the fact that she is a victim of trafficking for sexual exploitation, she was tricked, transported and exploited in the same way thousands of women are every year.

Find out how you can become aware of the signs of human trafficking, and make a difference. Go to www.stopthetraffik.org


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