Chocolate-The Bitter Truth, Our Response

STOP THE TRAFFIK celebrates the fact that journalists and filmmakers around the world are investigating the crime of trafficking of children onto cocoa plantations in West Africa.

All cocoa needs to be independently verified as free from trafficked labour and the worst forms of child labour.  Organisations such as Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance offer such a service. We recognize that no system of certification is perfect but it does enable abuses to be hilighted and swiftly rectified.

If there is not a system of independent certification then there is no sure process of redress and so children will continue to suffer.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is glad that major chocolate retailers including Cadburys, MARS and Nestle have begun to respond to our sustained campaign for traffik free chocolate (Click here to read more). These programmes hilight the need for urgency from all chocolate retailers to certify their entire product range as traffik free.

We hope media attention will renew pressure on chocolate companies to deliver traffik free chocolate.

As Easter approaches we encourage everyone to take part in STOP THE TRAFFIK’s chocolate campaign because as the media has shown even one trafficked child is one too many. The chocolate campaign will be launched at the end of this week.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate-The Bitter Truth, Our Response

  1. Les Hampson

    Just to thank Ruth Dearnley for her inspiring , passionate talk tonight in Heswall about Stop The Traffik – bought the book tonight for our local Quakers & will put forward STT on our monthly appeal list with a view to raising some funds in due course.

    Meantime will familiarise myself with your website & read the book

    Keep up the great work !


  2. Corey

    Well, I’m shocked that there is still child labour, even though I’m a teen myself. And in a few other parts of the world there still exsists slavery.

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