Global News Summary 22.3.2010

Anti-Trafficking Bill Passed in South Africa

The current law to fight trafficking in South Africa is quite weak. In order to comply with the UN protocol a new bill has to be passed to prevent trafficking, protect the victims and prosecute the traffickers. Once the bill becomes law it will be the most comprehensive anti-trafficking law in the country, introducing new offences such as debt bondage and concealment of travel documents. Government officials say rumours the bill is being rushed into parliament for the World Cup are unfounded as this has been a work in progress since 2003.  Read More

14 Trafficking Victims Freed in Indonesia

Police found and freed 14 women forced into prostitution in the red light district of Riau, Indonesia. Two of the women are underage and all of them have been forced to work for over two weeks in order to pay off debt to the bar owners. The case was explored after police received information from residents that a number of women were subject to physical abuse and sexual exploitation at the bar. The women are expected to be reunited with their families in the next few days. The bar owners were arrested and named as human trafficking suspects. Read More

Cambodia Bans Marriage to South Koreans

The Cambodian government has temporarily banned marriages between local women and South Korean men in an attempt to fight human trafficking. This comes after the arrest of a Cambodian woman who lured 25 girls and women from rural areas and sold them as brides to South Korean men; she has been sentenced to ten years in jail. Agents are banned from facilitating marriages and the law now says that foreigners wanting to marry local women need to talk to the families of their future brides. Read More

Teenage Girl Rescued from Traffickers

The Organised Crime branch of the police in Belfast has arrested two men over cannabis cultivation, money-laundering and identity card offences. During the raid, a teenage girl believed to be a victim of human trafficking was found and rescued. She is currently receiving support from specialist agencies. Read More

Traffickers Exploiting World Cup Fever in Ethiopia

A government report states that 20,000 to 25,000 Ethiopians are trafficked to various countries every year. Human traffickers are now taking advantage of the upcoming World Cup and pretending there are huge new employment opportunities in South Africa. The minister for labour and social affairs said there are new measures intended to combat this problem. There are plans to repatriate thousands of trafficked Ethiopians and protect the rights of those living in other countries. Read More


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