Freeom Week: What’s happening in Kyrgyzstan

If you’ve been following the Freedom Week news, you’ll know we’ve had amazing events happening across 4 continents to celebrate Start Freedom.

OASIS Kyrgyzstan let us know the exciting things they’ve been doing to raise awareness where they are.

For the occasion of START FREEDOM week, Oasis Kyrgyzstan produced some brand new, great-looking, informative brochures warning about the dangers of human trafficking in Russian and Kyrgyz. We have been giving these out to the public in parks and on central city roads, attracting plenty of onlookers as one of our volunteers was sitting in a cage with a sign on it that said “NOT for sale” in Russian.

Even the media got interested and the Oasis Kyrgyzstan team made the national 7 p.m. news! Additionally, we have been working hard with several public schools, orphanages and street children’s centers to prepare for our big SF event on Saturday, March 13. Some 60 students between the ages of 11 and 17 will be presenting dances, songs, sketches, raps and poems at a public park in the city.

We also announced a drawing contest, so we have lots of really great posters that the students drew on the topic of human trafficking

Let us know what you’ve been doing, send us your stories, your videos and your photos.


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