Sam’s START FREEDOM adventure part 5

Wow, so this week is Start Freedom Week, BRING IT ON!!!

There’s been so much happening recently, live classroom talks, big stage performances and even youth cake evenings with PowerPoint presentations, music and debates. As for me, I went to my local Amnesty International Group to tell them about Trafficking and Start Freedom. It was AMAZING! So many people turned up to hear about the work and Start Freedom week. The evening kicked off with a woman from THE POPPY PROJECT who was talking about the trafficking of women, she was really good – she knew so much! Then the evening got handed over to me. I talked about my time at STOP THE TRAFFIK and how amazing it has been. I told story of Telemachus, the monk who was the inspiration to the young emperor Honorius to put a stop to the Gladiator games and how that one action changed the course of history and altered the face of the Roman empire forever, proving to us that no matter how insignificant we think we are our actions can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The evening came to an end with a Q and A and it was really obvious that the information we’d given was news to a lot of people. My biggest words of wisdom was telling people in the Q and A that they should have more cups of tea with their neighbours to tell them about human trafficking lol!! Everyone really got a lot out of that evening and I think really believed that they could make a difference.


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