Freedom Week: The Final Countdown….

Freedom Week is ALMOST here! Woohoooo!

From 8th March STOP THE TRAFFIK are asking those who’ve taken part to show us what they’ve done as part of Start Freedom. Young people all over the world are getting involved and will be displaying their amazing creative skills.

If you’ve been learning about human trafficking and want to share pictures from events you’ve been hosting, short films you’ve made, drawings or poetry you’ve created now is the time to show the world!

You can find out how to upload films here and how to upload photos here (these are going live today so if it is not there when you look, check back!)

As part of Freedom Week we’re hosting our first Global Classroom with students across 4 continents (countries participating include Cambodia, America, India, UK, Egypt…) taking part in the same lesson at the same time. Students are going to be asked questions around human trafficking and they will be able to share their answers with each other and anti trafficking experts.

We want these classrooms to develop further, so if you’d like to take part email us on

We’re really excited and are looking forward to hearing from all these inspiring young people about what they’re doing in their community.

If you want to learn more about what trafficking is, how it affects you and what you can do with your friends / in your school to help to combat human trafficking join Start Freedom and be part of the movement.

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