Global News Summary 1.3.2010

Daughters of Cambodia preventing violence against women

 Daughters of Cambodia is entering the 2010 Changemakers ‘Preventing Violence Against Women’ Competition. This is a search for new methods in promoting awareness around violence against women and for taking steps to prevent it. At the moment there is no public space dedicated to awareness and education about sexual exploitation in Cambodia and there is little outreach and public information available. This competition might provide the opportunity needed for the development of such a space.

 Please take a few minutes to visit the Changemakers website and vote in the Preventing Violence Against Women Competition 

Awareness Raising in South Africa

The Deputy Home Affairs Minister of South Africa has urged all South Africans to support the Stop Human Trafficking Campaign ahead of the world cup. He mentioned that the country does not have the legislation to cover all aspects of human trafficking, but the government is using other law enforcement acts to prosecute those involved in bringing women and children into the country for exploitation. He said that 50% of trafficking occurs internally, and NGOs need all the support they can get from the community to tackle the crime. Read More

UAE to Crack Down on Human Trafficking

One of the biggest brothels in Dubai has been shut down in an attempt to curb human trafficking in the country. In February, a court tried two trafficking cases as well as the arrest of an 8-man people smuggling ring. A really important ruling in Abu Dhabi saw seven men given life sentences for human trafficking crimes and six others given 10-year sentences. At the moment the UAE are considered to not be tackling the problem head on, and they are now hoping to make progress by setting up a task force of trained prosecutors. Read More

Jamaican Government to Educate Public

A Jamaican senator has stressed the importance of public awareness in the fight against human trafficking. At a 2 day conference, focused around the many layers of this crime, she made it clear that prosecution was not the only solution. In order to ensure protection and prevention the Senator emphasised community action and alertness which can be brought about through education. Read More


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