Grassroots Greatness

So, because we at STOP THE TRAFFIK love activism and campaigning against trafficking more than almost anything (except perhaps traffik-free Galaxy chocolate), we just had to share news of some fantastic work being done by one of our supporters in Ipswich. Ben has been busy raising awareness about trafficking and getting it on the local political agenda. He’s been handing out our flexi-cards showing the signs of trafficking to local businesses, and now plans to distribute them to taxi drivers as well, since they are likely to come into contact with potential trafficking victims entering town from the train station. He’s also been liaising with the local police team, a county councilor, and the council itself on raising awareness in the area, and has managed to get onto the county council forum for refugees and asylum seekers. Part of their action plan involves tackling people trafficking, and Ben tells us that the council is generally open to the need to deal with the issue.

This is exactly the sort of grassroots activity that can make a real difference in an area. Politicians and officials are often willing to take trafficking seriously, but it takes the efforts of citizens to bring it to their attention and show that it is something we will not tolerate. If any of you are doing something similar in your area, we’d love to hear about it. And if you aren’t – what are you waiting for?! Visit for ideas of how to get involved in the fight against human trafficking.


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