Global News Summary 16.02.10

Trafficking Fears for Missing Vietnamese Boys

Two Vietnamese boys, who were smuggled into the UK, were found on the back of a lorry and taken to a children’s home in Sussex last month. Two weeks ago the boys escaped by breaking out of a window. Officials fear they are working on cannabis farms to pay of their debt to those who smuggled them into the country. The police insist they are not criminals but the victims of human trafficking, trying most likely to repay the debt-bondage tied to their families in Vietnam. Read More

Vancouver Olympics ‘Fail’ to Curb Sex Trafficking

A think tank announced that the organising committee of the Vancouver Winter Olympics has received an ‘F’ for “failing to make sure women and youth are secure against human trafficking”. Listing sites in Canada are anonymous and do not require credit card registration in order to respond to a post, making it much easier to buy and sell people through the internet. Read More

Huge number of trafficking cases in Ohio due to ‘weak law’

About 1000 American born individuals and 800 migrants are forced into forced labour and the sex industry in Ohio every year. The human trafficking network in the state is organised, with brothels using legitimate businesses as a front. Need for cheap labour and proximity to the Canadian border are the reasons according to the Trafficking in Persons Study Commission. Ohio does not have a stand-alone human trafficking law and many call this ‘weak’. Law enforcement agencies do not recognise trafficking when responding to reports of a crime. For example, they call child prostitutes delinquents and put them in prison without looking for the adults involved. Read More 

Unconditional aid for Human Trafficking Victims

The European Parliament called for unconditional assistance and protection for victims of human trafficking, especially women and children. The victims should receive free legal aid, have access to temporary residence, health care, education and training in order to find work. They also suggested a simpler way of reuniting victims with their families. The Members of the European Parliament highlighted the importance of awareness raising campaigns aimed at both potential victims and potential buyers of the services provided by trafficked individuals. Read More

Montenegro combating human trafficking

15 people have been arrested on human trafficking charges in Montenegro after night club raids. Three of those arrested are policemen who were luring women into clubs and taking away their passports and identification before forcing them into prostitution. The suspects can face up to ten years in prison. Twelve girls were rescued from the clubs. Read More


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