STOP THE TRAFFIK- Coming to a cinema near you

Our new hard-hitting film ‘Don’t be Oblivious’ raises awareness that young people in the UK are vulnerable to being trafficked. With Pearl and Dean committing to showing it in cinemas across the UK it will reach an audience who might never have heard about trafficking.

The film not only raises awareness about the issue of trafficking but also calls people to act by taking part in START FREEDOM. This campaign is for young people to find out what trafficking is, how it affects them, and what they can do to STOP THE TRAFFIK where they live. Join START FREEDOM here.

Watch the ad here: (Warning: contains some upsetting scenes, and is certified for 15 plus viewing)

STOP THE TRAFFIK wants to say a HUMONGOUS thanks to Feel Films and the director Jonathan Dennis, Leagas Delaney and Pearl and Dean who’ve invested in this opportunity, made it a reality – all because they are committed to combating human trafficking


7 thoughts on “STOP THE TRAFFIK- Coming to a cinema near you

  1. Rachel Prout

    How can this short film be shown in the USA. There are so many people in the states that are oblivious to trafficking. Is there any way you can release this film to Oasis, which is a branch of Stop the Traffik in Los Angeles California?
    I want to watch this film and show it to so many more people so they can learn about modern day slavery, human traffiking.

    1. Hi Rachel, it’s so great you want to show this film to people you know and highlight the danger of human trafficking.

      STOP THE TRAFFIK USA will have the film soon and will be using it to raise awareness locally.
      Feel free in the meantime to show the ad from our youtube website and tell as many people as you can about Start Freedom and how they can get involved to STOP THE TRAFFIK in their area.

  2. Sandy Eskins

    I am worried about my 22 year old, she is so kind and believes most of what people tell her. She is corrisponding with a young man from the uk. she has a 3 year old too. I am very concernd he is talking of coming here to meet her. I know there are good people out there. but how can we check them out. She thinks I am parinoid. Plese help me. a desoerate mother in the us. Thnaks Sandy Eskins

    1. Hi Sandy,

      The internet provides amazing opportunities for social networking and making new friends. The majority of people who make friends through the internet do not make them with potential traffickers.
      It’s great for your daughter that you are aware of trafficking and the potential risks.

      We’ll research some case studies which will explore the risks and you can share them with your daughter so that she too understands what trafficking is and how girls like her have been vulnerable to it.

      Also, if the man does decide to visit, try and work with her to put into place some practical steps to help keep her safe. Here are some examples for the first few times she meets him.
      -Meet in a public place
      -A family member or friend goes with her to meet him.
      -She doesn’t let him know where she lives.
      -She doesn’t introduce him to her child.
      -She lets people know where and when she is meeting him and when she will return.
      -If possible she takes a mobile phone.
      -She leaves her passport at home.
      -You agree together a code word, so that if she calls you and something is wrong she can use that word in the conversation to warn you i.e. ‘I’m ok but I’ve got a headache’

      If you’d like to talk to someone in more detail, please don’t hesitate to email us on

  3. maggie

    I was attempting to view the “Don’t Be Oblivious” commercial on YouTube today but was unable to view it?? Has it been taken off YouTube??

    many thanks

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