Global News Summary 11.02.10

US missionaries charged with child abduction

Haitian officials have charged 10 US missionaries with child abduction and criminal conspiracy. Most of the children have family members alive and are not officially orphans. Global concern around child trafficking in Haiti has led to heightened security measures and border control. The missionaries have been held in jail since last Friday and insist they were not trying to kidnap the children but provide them with an education in the Dominican Republic. They do admit to not having the correct paperwork but argue it was in the children’s best interest. Hilary Clinton called these actions ‘unfortunate’ whatever the motivation behind them. Read More

Nepalese workers trapped in Afghanistan

Some Nepalese men hope to find work in war-stricken Afghanistan, they pay a large amount of money (usually borrowed from loan sharks) for a promise of a high paying job in Afghanistan. These men are cheated, and left with no job and no money and a piling debt to the loan sharks and traffickers. Local or multinational agencies in Afghanistan are urged to sign ‘no human trafficking, fair pay’ contracts to ensure the safety of their workers. Read More

Nepal should suspend international adoptions.

Nepalese children are often declared orphans while their families are still alive and put up for adoption without their parents’ knowledge. Nepal had to suspend international adoptions between 2007 and 2008 for this reason and is being urged to do so again. Children are taken to care homes in the capital under the pretext of receiving an education and are then sent to countries like Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the US for adoption. Studies show 60% of children in care homes have parents who could look after them. Child protection services in Nepal say proper safeguards need to be in place before children are offered for international adoption. Read More

Human Trafficking survivors train Cambodian police

Survivors of human trafficking are fighting to eradicate modern day slavery by training police and government officials on laws and issues related to sex trafficking and forced labor in Cambodia. The training will focus on current anti-trafficking laws and their implementation but also on raising awareness around the issue, and all the underlying causes of human trafficking. A public campaign is set to complement the training with 2 tv and 24 radio shows in 2010 committed to raising awareness around sexual and labor exploitation, child sex tourism, safe migration, new anti-trafficking laws, and victim assistance. Read More


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