SOUTH AFRICA: New Anti-Trafficking Hotline Set Up

An estimated 450,000 people are trafficked annually in Africa for sexual exploitation, forced labour, human sacrifice, forced marriage and body parts. This number is expected to increase around the 2010 World Cup.

The Salvation Army has set up a free 24-hour hotline for victims of trafficking and so that members of the public can report it if they see something suspicious. The number is 08000-RESCUE (08000-737283) and help is available in 8 South African languages.

The individuals who will be manning the phones have been trained and will report all human trafficking cases to the Salvation Army and emergency cases directly to the Police.

Hopefully this hotline will raise awareness and make a difference so that we see a greater crackdown on human trafficking around the World Cup.

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2 thoughts on “SOUTH AFRICA: New Anti-Trafficking Hotline Set Up

  1. Carol Tuck

    Thank you for this article. However, I would like to bring to your attention that the toll free no is INCORRECT in your article.
    The CORRECT number is: 08000-RESCU!
    That’s 08000-RESCU OR 08000-73728!
    Thank you!

  2. Ripon

    Hopefully “Stopthetraffik” will respond; I also find the toll free number as 08000 73728. Accordingly I mentioned it on my google post. Now after visiting this great page, I’m confused by seeing no response from the “Stopthetraffik”.

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