A Whole Lotta Love…

It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you’ll be spending it in a reverie of romantic bliss or bemoaning the cynical commercialisation of a cherished holiday, there’s no better occasion for showing some love. Not just to your nearest and dearest, but to those who are furthest away – like, for example, the 27 million people in slavery around the world. Our partners across the pond, Oasis USA, have come up with a brilliant way to do both at once. They’ve produced a rather gorgeous Valentine’s Day postcard, which you can order in packs of 10 from their website for just $6. All the proceeds will go towards funding the fight against human trafficking, and if you’re feeling particularly free with your love you can even donate online while you’re at it. 

So whether it’s asking your girlfriend to marry you, or asking Darren from accounts for a drink, send a message this Valentine’s Day that will change more than one life.


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