Global News Summary 27.01.10

Adoption Worries in Haiti

It’s now possible to adopt a child illegally for as little as 150 dollars in Haiti. Charities around the world are warning that adoptions should be temporarily stopped in fear of human trafficking. The current chaos makes it hard to check all the agencies. Organisations are trying to reunite families by setting up hotlines and are delaying calling separated children orphans to reduce the likelihood of exploitation. Read More

Anti-Trafficking Hotline in South Africa

The Salvation Army has set up a hotline in South Africa following fears of increased trafficking around the world cup. Callers can talk in 8 South African languages and is for both victims of trafficking and those wishing to report known cases. Call 0800-RESCUE or 0800-737283, 24 hours a day. Read More

35 women saved from being trafficked to India

35 Nepali women have been rescued from being trafficked to India at border checkpoints in the Kailali and Kanchanpur districts within the past six months. A local rehabilitation organisation took them in and helped them contact their families. Activists and campaigners are becoming more dynamic in the area so traffickers are using secret routes to get people into Indian cities. Read More

Dutch Minister to close human trafficking implicated college.

Last October the director and two accomplices of a college in Holland were arrested on charges of human trafficking and fraud. They used to lure students (mostly Asian) on the false promise of higher education and offered them ‘jobs’ to pay off their debt. The Minister of Education is now thinking of closing this college down for good. Read More.

Dutch asparagus grow thanks to trafficking.

50 people working on a Dutch asparagus farm were found living and working in slave-like conditions. They were not allowed to leave the premises and were paid much less than they had been promised if anything at all. Their employer forced them to buy food from her at inflated prices. The farmer has been arrested for human trafficking and investigations are continuing in Poland, Portugal and Romania. Read More

Mekong countries will increase efforts to combat human trafficking

Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam will increase momentum on fighting human trafficking. A 3 day meeting reviewed their common plans and action, with focus on law enforcement and criminal justice. They also plan to concentrate on recovery and reintegration of victims. Read More

 Ghana’s new Anti- Human Trafficking Unit

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Akayire Kamparah, urged the public to become more involved and help tackle human trafficking in the region. He called on community action and local initiative to raise awareness.Read More


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