Salvation Army releases guidelines to fight trafficking in Haiti.

Human trafficking, especially among children, is one worrying outcome of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti. NGOs around the world have been releasing information on how young people might be affected. Read more here

The Salvation Army has sent an alert to officers, employees and volunteers on what human trafficking is, how to recognise it and how to try and prevent it. Human trafficking needs to be brought to the forefront of the many issues Haitians face at the moment and hopefully guidelines similar to these will create a greater awareness among those offering their time and help.

Victims may be trafficked abroad or within Haiti and used for forced labour, child labour and sexual exploitation. It reminds people to look out for scams such as job opportunity offers abroad, individuals claiming to be family or friends of orphaned children, and shockingly military, relief workers, or others, demanding sexual favors in exchange for aid.

The Salvation Army also lists what to do if someone suspects something- including:

Warning potential victims about human trafficking.
Registering and protecting individuals in shelter facilities.
-Women and children are not be placed in isolated areas which should be routinely checked.
-Temporary employees for relief work need to know what human trafficking is and how to stay safe.
-Agencies working in Haiti must have a zero-tolerance policy towards those involved in trafficking and abuse
– Finally, individuals are urged to respond quickly if children or parents ask for help or appear scared and threatened.

Find out more here.


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