Krafty or what?

This month Cadbury, after 186 years of producing chocolate and selling it around the world, was finally bought out by Kraft, the world’s second largest food maker. For Brits it felt a bit like selling the Queen. The more important issue though, is what is going to happen to Dairy Milk, which so recently went Fairtrade? Is Kraft going to reverse the decision? Will we have to avoid eating Dairy Milk again? More than that, it was becoming clear that Cadbury planned to bring in more Fairtrade soon. What about that? Will Kraft quietly shelve the plans and concentrate on making even more profit as one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in the world, while children are trafficking and enslaved on cocoa farms in Ivory Coast?

The answer is, we don’t know. Suddenly everything is up in the air again. Kraft has been saying that we shouldn’t worry and that they will protect the traditions of this venerable old British icon. They haven’t said if this means that they will honour Cadbury’s march towards fairtrade.

Kraft have looked at the issue of the exploitation in their cocoa supply chain in other countries and have promised that their Côte d’Or range in Belgium will be certified by Rain Forest Alliance as traffik free by 2012. They have yet to tell us their plans for Cadbury.

So, Kraft, tells us the truth. Will you be true to Cadbury’s vision for a fairer future, or is that a thing of the past? Your customers want to know.


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