Sam’s START FREEDOM Adventure: Part 3

Hey its Sam here!

Well what can I say…. A lot to be honest but I won’t bore you with my obsessive chit chat, he he!

Start Freedom is really starting to rocket within the London Borough of Bromley. The students are loving it (it’s like they actually want to learn for once which makes a change) they even walk out of the rooms talking about how they are going to make an impact on the community and how they are going to play their part in the fight to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Bishop Justus have started to plan an event which their Year 9’s will be hosting and they are very excited about it! There is going to be all sorts of fun and whacky performances and presentations. There’s even going to be a few surprises for the students as I am hoping to invite some guests from the local authority come to come along and watch the amazing night (of course they don’t know about this so any one from Bishop Justus who reads this – keep it to yourself for now!!).

I am still looking for other ideas on what students can do within their school to make an impact which doesn’t mean putting on an event…. Any suggestions?

Well that’s my update for now and I be telling you more very soon

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