Morecambe Bay: 6 years on.

This year sees the sixth anniversary of the Morecambe Bay disaster in Northern England, in which 23 Chinese illegal immigrants perished. A number of those who died were trafficked into the UK for forced labour and were  paying back money to criminal networks and gangs for ‘fees’, interest and initial travel costs getting into the UK.

Upon the death of the 23 Chinese workers, their debt fell to families who had been left behind. The families of all the victims are still in need of help not only to pay back their friends and relatives, from whom they borrowed money to pay the snakeheads and traffickers, but also for the education of all the orphans.

Nick Broomfield made a documentary film of the disaster called Ghosts, after the films success Nick set up The Morecambe Bay Victims Fund to help the families still struggling to pay back debts. You can find out more at

This year, Nick is walking 60 miles from Liverpool to the deadly spot where they died as a commemoration and also to raise money to continue the work of the Morecambe Bay Foundation.

The walk will take place February 6 and 7, a few days before the Chinese New Year when we should all celebrate our spirit of generosity, especially for others who need our help. Find out more here


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