Update on Start Freedom success in London School

Hey, it’s Sam here! 

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog and things are going really well. My school, Bishop Justus, have already started to plan what they are going to do for a ‘starter event’ for the campaign. It’s looking really good, so far we are thinking of throwing a debating event, with our AMAZING debating team taking the lead and showing off their talent in front of everyone. But of course this event isn’t focusing on student’s verbal skills, great though they are, it’s about raising awareness of Human Trafficking – otherwise what would be the point of doing it?!! Simple, there wouldn’t be – lol. 

Anyway… we will be inviting the wider body of the school AKA – ‘the parents’ and are also hoping that some people from the local authority will give up their evening to join in on the eventJ. This is great progress for my school and I know that other schools in the borough are planning to get their Amnesty groups, Citizenship groups, Farr Trade groups etc  working on the campaign as well. Fantastic!

So really, the big question, the next big thing I need to tackle is where do we go then?  What can we do to get all students of every school jumping at the idea of helping to STOP THE TRAFFIK (Any suggestions???  They would be greatly appreciated; post on the blog if you do) The other bit of highly exciting news is that we now have a Youth Group section on the website which the school recourses can work alongside to get the campaign functioning within the greater community.

I’ll be writing another blog early in the New Year – a New Year wow – can’t believe it’s almost 2010 – let’s make it a year where together we change Human Trafficking  – FOREVER –  please keep checking in and posting your thoughts on the campaign.  Happy Christmas !



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