News Summary 17/12/09


Thirteen young girls, between the age of 10 and 16, were found abandoned at a bus station in Kenya, Mombasa at the beginning of the week. They claimed to be waiting for someone who was supposed to collect them – but no one had come. It has since been uncovered that the girls were victims of human trafficking, tricked and lured from their homes in Tanzania to go to Kenya for better job opportunities. The woman who had accompanied them had flew after it became apparent that the police had discovered what was happening. This case appears in light of reports that human trafficking in Kenya is on the rise, with the coast being a notorious transit point for child traffickers. One local organization attempting to combat the rise in human trafficking claimed many of the victims are young children who have dropped out of school, or foreign young women from Rwanda, the DRC, Somalia and Ethiopia. Estimates state around 6,000 to 9,000 people are trafficked annually in Coast Province with a third of them being children. Here 16/12/09


Twelve Filipino human trafficking victims repatriated from Dubai in November will work alongside the Task Force on Human Trafficking in the Philippines in order for more information to be gathered on the scale and nature of trafficking, and for a case to be built against their recruiters. One woman told how she was recruited through a travel agency on a visit visa, believing she would end up working in Manila as a saleswoman, but in fact was forced into the sex trade. The woman was taken from Dubai airport to a villa where she was forced to work alongside women from a wide variety of nationalities, until she escaped a few weeks later. Six other women told of similar stories with the same agency that claims to be a travel company, but in total 27 women were found by the authorities. Many are being looked after in safe houses by the Task Force on Human Trafficking, but the likelihood of successful prosecutions are hindered by the poor financial situation of many of the victims. Here 13/12/09


The Ghana Police Service is said to be in the process of expanding its anti-human trafficking unit, aiming for a stronger presence nationally through the creation of regional offices. The proposal follows statistical rises and increase in reports of many Ghanaians becoming the victims of trafficking in and around West Africa, as well as to Europe, Americas and Asia. As well as investigation and prosecution services the centers will focus on educational campaigns that work in partnership with other professionals in order to effectively combat human traffickers. Here 13/12/09


Canadian MPs are concerned that a new child trafficking bill will not pass Senate before the Winter Olympics. Currently the law establishes a maximum penalty of fourteen years, but no minimum. This new bill seeks to establish a minimum jail sentence of five years for people convicted of trafficking children.  The news comes in light of predictions that human trafficking will surge around the Vancouver Olympics, and if the increase in press reports are anything to go by then it is quite possible this prediction could prove to be validated. The bill carries particular significance because human trafficking has only been an offence in Canada for less than five years, and the sentences given until now are seen by some as lenient. Here 16/12/2009


Five babies have been rescued from a trafficking ring that sold children illegally from a base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Police have arrested fifteen members of the trafficking ring, which is thought to have been headed by a private medical doctor who allegedly got the babies from health centers. He has not yet been found by police. Informants were key to uncovering the syndicate, and the authorities are still chasing leads and awaiting more information that will hopefully lead to the arrest of other members of the ring. here 16/12/09


One thought on “News Summary 17/12/09

  1. RACH!!!

    a maximum of 14 years!!?!?!?!?!?
    I’m all for life sentences for traffickers – meaning their entire life… not just 40 years. And no nice prisons with X-Boxes etc.

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