Secret Diary writer on the telly!

Good day everybody!

It’s been a long time since my last entry in the (not so) Secret Diary of a STOP THE TRAFFIK Worker series. That’s because my rocking intern Georgia is so good at pretty much everything, I have left her largely in charge.

A while ago we were phoned by Al Jazeera (who are, by the way an excellent source of news) for an interview about Moldova. Having studied the Former Soviet Union, I had the rather exciting task of going on the telly! (If that wasn’t exciting enough, I now finally know what’s under the newsreader’s desk and that helps me sleep a little easier at night)

STOP THE TRAFFIK on the tellybox (there is a few seconds delay at the beginning)


3 thoughts on “Secret Diary writer on the telly!

  1. Miriam! Hello!
    Under the desk was a heap of technology. The desks are all see through so you can look at monitors, pictures, other news headlines, and what is being shown behind you as you would see it on the TV.

    You never see newsreaders from the waist down so I thought they either sat there in their pyjamas or they kept hamsters in small cages at their feet. Now I know no hamsters are harmed in the making of news programmes.

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