Happy Christmas Nestle ….. ho ho ho, ha!

This Christmas, people around the world will be feasting on scrumptious chocolate made up of luxurious ingredients like exploitation, abuse and violence.

 Doesn’t seem right, does it?

 Together we have started to change the chocolate loving world….. Cadbury have started giving us traffik free Dairy Milk, Mars have made promises, Swiss Noir and Verkade are on board….  Now it’s time to give Nestle a Christmas they’ll never forget!

Your challenge is to wrap up a traffik free chocolate bar or put a wrapper in a card and send it to Nestle with a Merry Christmas message!

You can use one of our slogans below or write your own.  If you write your own, we’d love to read it so post it here in the comments section….


 * We wish you a clear conscience for 2010 – give us traffik free chocolate

* At Christmas you wish for profits. Children who harvest your cocoa beans in the Ivory Coast wish for freedom. I wish you lived up to your promise and supplied traffik free chocolate

* I hope you sleep easy this Christmas because the children who pick cocoa for your chocolate won’t.  Give us traffik free chocolate 

 * NESTLÉ! STOP NESTLING UP TO EXPLOITATION. Give us traffik free chocolate in 2010

 * WISHING YOU PEACE THIS CHRISTMAS. Now give us a piece of traffik free chocolate

* CHRISTMAS IS A TIME FOR GENEROSITY. So we’re generously telling you how to make your chocolate better. Give us traffik free chocolate

WE’RE WRAPPING UP TRAFFIK FREE CHOCOLATE for Christmas presents – shame it’s not yours

* WISHING YOU A HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Now give children in the Ivory Coast a Happy Christmas by producing traffik free chocolate in 2010

c’mon everybody! let’s SOCK IT TO NESTLE!


32 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Nestle ….. ho ho ho, ha!

  1. Blog writers personal addition:

    Nestle! YOU SUCK! You would maybe suck a little bit less if you lived up to your promises and didn’t use trafficked, enslaved child labour to feed your profits

  2. Fiona

    happy christmas, heres an hint to a happy 2010 – feel for your workers picking your coca and support them they shouldn’t live like slaves so you can get a profit, more people would buy your products especially your chocolate if it was traffik free.

  3. sally martin


  4. Chestnut

    Peace, good tidings, and joy – isn’t this what Christmas is about? Neslte … Do you think children on the Ivory Coast who harvest the beans that go into making your chocolate feel the same way? Make a new years resolution to give us traffik free chocolate and perhaps they will.

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  6. Christmas Pudding

    We’re wrapping up traffik free chocolate this Christmas not chocolate wrapped in chains! Make you chocolate traffik free!!!

  7. Emily

    To Nestle, Have yourself a merry fairtrade christmas, full of love and Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate to fill up your tum tum. Christmas is a time to reflect, so I hope you reflect on how many product consumers you are loosing, I am one, and proud!!

    🙂 lots of love ❤

  8. David

    The Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong community fully support Stop The Traffik in their campaign to make chocolate ‘traffik free’. Come on Nestle, join them too.

    1. Hey David – a big thanks to everyone at Li Po Chun UWC!! Are you guys involved with our START FREEDOM campaign? It would be fantastic if your college wanted to get on board. If you (or anyone else!) are interested please email me at info@stopthetraffik.org and I can help you get started. I look forward to hearing from you!

  9. nage

    Nestle! remember that these children have also the right to celebrate christmas . Please free them from exploitation. They need your support now.

  10. pam

    NESTLE I know you since you gave free milk powder to babies in india



  11. leng

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas with no blood on your hands, chains on your feet or fear in your hearts. This Christmas, pass on the peace: especially to the children farming cocoa on the Ivory Coast. Please give us traffik free chocolate in 2010.

  12. MATT

    Nestle slogan -“Good food, good life”. It’s a shame that the child slaves on your cocoa farms won’t have either of these this christams because of you. Make your chocolate fair trade or rewrite your slogan without lies…

  13. I wouldn’t be buying Nestle even if they did stop using child labour. Their past history of placing addictive additives into baby formula that they gave to African/Indian mothers and then withdrew so mothers had to buy the formula that their babies were addicted to shows their total disregard to human life and their total greed for money. It appears to be a token effort to provide one chocolate bar to one country. Get real!!!

    1. I totally understand your point of view. Personally, I refuse to buy / eat anything Nestle has had a hand in. At STOP THE TRAFFIK we will keep on campaigning and annoying Nestle until they give us global traffik free chocolate. That is our fight. I think it’s important to remember this is the first time Nestle have bowed to public pressure and a chip in their armour has been made. It’s a small chip and it’s not enough by a long shot, as you know their human rights record is horrific, but public awareness and pressure have forced them into making probably the first ethical decision ever. Let’s make sure it’s not the last.

  14. Luke

    So the 4 fingered kit kats in the UK are made from traffik free cocoa beans – yet the other 4 fingered kit kats around the world are made from real human fingers?!!?!?

  15. margie

    you called for action but didn’t include the address to forward the Christmas card to. what is nestle address? where we should sent the card to? you should also post this information- about address. thanks

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