Global News Summary 02/11/09


The creation of the Scottish Intelligence Co-ordination Unit (SICU) was announced, with plans to lead the fight against human trafficking, serious fraud, and gangster criminal activity. The unit will be staffed by 40 officers, made up of a combination of prison service staff, UK Border Agency and Customs staff, aiming to gain a better understanding of the 4,000 individuals involved in serious organized crime. The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) has worked alongside academics to produce a series of specific questions that aim to gather important information about key criminals and their operations – this intelligence will be used in conjunction with information collated from police forces, agencies and members of the public. The aim is to help more efficiently tackle criminal activity such as human trafficking, money laundering and drug related crime. (Source: 02/10/09)



Following our report a month ago about Saban Baran, notorious human trafficker who escaped from prison after being granted compassionate leave to bond with his new born child, it appears a second human trafficker has also escaped. The man (who has not been named) was serving a four year prison sentence, and was declared missing after being granted a weekend’s leave. Dutch justice minister revealed that the authorities failed to check with the public prosecution department to see if the request should be granted. The department said the recommendation would have been refused. No more has been released as of yet. (Source: 30/10/09) 



Mexican national Miguel Rugerio pleaded guilty to charges of transporting, and conspiracy to transport young women from Mexico to the USA for purposes of prostitution and sexual exploitation. Rugerio is said to have targeted young, impoverished and vulnerable women, tricking them to comply with his instructions on the promise of better money, job opportunities and marriage. Five women in particular were trafficked into Atlanta from Meixo, and then later transported to states outside including Florida and Alabama. The plot was uncovered due to the dual cooperation of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other state law enforcement agencies in both Mexico and the US. The victims are said to be in recovery. Rugerio faces a sentence of 5 years in prison. (Source: 29/10/09)



During a six-month anti-human trafficking campaign Chinese police have rescued over 2,000 children, ranging from babies to young adults. They are thought to be only a small percentage of the thousands that go missing in China every year, many of whom are kidnapped by traffickers and criminal gangs wanting to profit from selling them on to other couples. Some of the rescued children have been reunited with their families, whereas pictures of some of the remaining children have been displayed on the Ministry’s website in the hope that families will come forward. Apparently, particular targets are the children of migrant workers, with baby boys selling for up to $6,000 compared to the price sought for girls, averaging $500. Whilst 42 suspects were arrested last week for related crimes in Northern China, human trafficking is seen as a growing problem, that is often met with official indifference. (Source: 28/10/09)






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