AMSTERDAM: Stunt happening RIGHT NOW!

Well everybody, this is pretty special.

On this chilly Friday evening, in Amsterdam’s red-light district there is something very eye opening going on. If you’re nearby, go check it out.

STOP THE TRAFFIK were offered an opportunity to take part in a real-happening-right -now-awareness-raising-stunt.

If you don’t know what it looks like, Amsterdam’s red light district is full of shop widows filled by girls. boys and any combination of the two, sitting and awaiting customers.

At this moment, one shop window which has been split in two has a woman one side (our actress) and next to her a short video is being projected of how she came to be there – a story of being bought, sold and exploited.

Antonie (heads up Amsterdam’s office) is there as I type and he just posted a little 10 second clip on the STOP THE TRAFFIK twitter site. Check it out.

(I am not sure this link works if you are not on twitter

Happy Friday everyone!


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