Bristol ‘Unchosen’ film festival against trafficking

We’ve caught news of a fantastic project happening in Bristol, (UK) which will be showcasing award-winning films concerned with modern day slavery. Admission is completely free, and the films will be shown throughout November, with the added bonus of director talks, great live performances incorporating dance and music, and literature for the audience to read…

The first film of the season is called ‘Victoria Terminus’, and tells the alternative story of Mumbai’s busy train station – which was the scene of Slum Dog Millionaire’s plot. The story explores the real-life tragedy, abuse and violence that street children experience, and follow the various paths of the children…

The diversity and richness of stories explored throughout the season are fascinating; week two shows the film La Forteresse’, which delves into the darker side of Swiss immigration and asylum laws, the third week showcases ‘Lilja4-Ever’ detailing the life of a young Estonian girl who moves to Sweden, the fourth (Ghosts) looks at the horror behind the tragic story of Chinese migrants who drowned in Britain whilst working in Morecombe Bay…with the final week culminating in a refreshing look at the strength of a group of women working in South Africa (Rough Aunties).

Please check out the website here for details of venue and times…



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