In response to The Guardian report…

Today’s Guardian article reaffirms STOP THE TRAFFIK’s belief that accurate information on trafficking is difficult to find.

There is an urgent need for people within their communities, who see and recognise the signs of trafficking, to gather local information.

STOP THE TRAFFIK set up ACT groups (active communities against trafficking) to equip local volunteers in every community to raise awareness of the issue so that trafficking could be identified and responded to at a local level.

We are currently piloting specific ACT groups which are gathering local information around the issues of trafficking for sexual exploitation, which we believe contributes critically to understanding the scale in the UK.

Every community is affected by trafficking whether by the exploitation through trafficked forced labour, trafficked children and adults for forced street crime, those trafficked for domestic servitude, the use of people trafficked for sexual exploitation, or the consumer buying a chocolate bar that is not traffik free.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is committed to community action against trafficking to stop the traffik here and around the world. 

Thank you to everyone out there, whatever city, whatever country, who supports us in this effort!


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