The much awaited, uber exciting launch of START FREEDOM happened this very morning!!!

You can check out the inspiring new film on our website http://www.startfreedom.org, or watch the video below, and let us know if you think it is as fantastic as we do!

As we speak half the UK team are standing in front of very important (and powerful) people at the UN introducing START FREEDOM and trying to drum up support and interest for this new project.

Meanwhile the other half are brunching in the airport on croissants, muffins, cappuccinos, and…well, maybe oats (they’re mental about oats here…but lets not get started). Later today the global STOP THE TRAFFIK team will be convening in Chicago to talk strategy, direction and establishing ways to build on the achievements we’ve reached so far (so much of which is due to our supporters who do the hard work).

I, on the other hand, am in the office this week all alone, but I’m doing my bit by snacking on a stash of fair trade dairy milk bars, as we speak – it’s never too early!

A big thanks to everyone who has helped with START FREEDOM – the emails are so encouraging, and feedback so far has been great. Keep up the good work everybody….wish the global team good luck in Chicago this week!

Please spread the word about START FREEDOM!!!

Muito amor!




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