Another call for direct action from you wonderful people – and a quick thank you for all the letters already written to the MET in response to the news that the special anti-trafficking unit may be disbanded (see the blog URGENT; 2 second UK campaign)

Today, just another quickie but urgent campaign for those of you with UK MPs – please please consider lobbying your member of parliament in order to help abolish the No Recourse to Public Funds Rule. Amnesty International UK is leading this initiative to unite hundreds of activists at the Houses of Commons to urge the UK government to protect all women from violence and abuse in the UK – and what better way than a mass lobby!

‘No recourse to public funds’ is an immigration status in the UK which means that people with this status cannot access public funds such as housing benefits or income support. This is particularly worrying for women who may be fleeing domestic violence and abuse, and also women who have been trafficked into the UK – in order to stay in a refuge women need access to these benefits, but this status excludes them. The result is that these women are left destitute, or are forced to depend on their abusive partners. If you would like to find out more please take a look at the women’s resource centre here and help abolish this rule!

That’s all for now!

Other than a quick GOOD LUCK! to the STOP THE TRAFFIK team who are, as we speak flying to the United States for the much awaited launch of START FREEDOM and the STOP THE TRAFFIK global conference!!! Great things will come from this! For one – the new film goes up onto the START FREEDOM website watch out, 9am UK time!!! Super exciting!!

Ciao ciao!



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