Good morning!

I’ve just heard of a fantastic way to start raising money for STOP THE TRAFFIK – with absolute minimum effort on everyone’s behalf!

Basically, every time that you search the internet you can help donate to STOP THE TRAFFIK…AT THE SAME TIME!!

By using http://www.Search2Give.co.uk as your main search engine, or even as your home page, you can help support us without having to pay anything, give out your details, or fill in any forms! All you need to do is log on to the site, and in the top left hand corner type in STOP THE TRAFFIK as your charity of choice, and watch the barometer rise the more we all search!

Search2Give is powered by Yahoo! And so the search results are still brilliant, it just means that you can feel super when you surf! Lots of charities are using this – with Christian Aid currently the leader with its supporters generating lots of great donations to help with projects. We want to be up there, so please help support us!

For all you sceptics, to put this in perspective, with 1,000 people search 4 times a day you can generate £14,600 for STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Now that is fantastic!

Thanks guys



  1. GREAT idea! Here’s another for you, at least for those in US and Canada. Another way to raise money for projects without doing anything other than what we do already… shop online. It’s a share-the-wealth network. StopTheTraffik signs up for free then we sign up for free under StopTheTraffic. When purchase are made (things like travel arrangements through Expedia) the person themselves get’s a certain percentage cash back and StopTheTraffic gets a small percentage. Everyone saves, funds are raised for projects, and it’s free to be a part of. The network is supposed to go-live in a week or two, at that time StopTheTraffic could sign up here: http://my.blastoffnetwork.com/chadb My wife and I on our own are going to give 50% of any of our cashback to stopping trafficking charities. I hope you’ll consider this option of raising funds as well. We’ll be posting our progress @NoMoreTraffic (twitter) Thanks for all you do!!!

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