Campaigners of the world, I salute you!

About a year ago, maybe less, someone from the BBC phoned me and said ‘so, we’re thinking of sending a 20 year old girl to the Ivory Coast to see what’s happening with slavery and trafficking. What do you think?’

My response: ‘a 20 year old?! Are you crazy?! there are some dodgy things going on out there in the Ivory Coast. Be careful!’

Last night the BBC finally aired a documentary called ‘Kids with Machetes’. It’s about child labour, cocoa and the Ivory Coast. I have not seen it yet. At lunch time me and the glorious Bex Keer are going to have a look whilst eating our marmite on toast. I will keep you posted if it’s good and if our campaign is mentioned.

If you have access to the BBC’s Iplayer, you can watch it here

It is now past lunch and we are full of marmite.
In short the film exposes child labour in the Cote C’Ivoire – any awareness of what happens on cocoa farms is good in our books. Although it does fail to ask searching, probing questions. For example, what responsibility does industry, and us as consumers, have? The children were not asked if they actually made any money or if they had been forced or tricked to work there.


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