Hellllllllo everybody!


The web site is up and running and pins are appearing on the map showing where schools are taking part. (If you are one of the 1500 people who signed up before we had the super map, please be sure to add your pin as you are currently NOT represented and that is a real shame).

We are getting the fliers and letters out but still need your help. Below is an updated letter for you to send to your local schools telling them about START FREEDOM.

Please feel free to copy it into a word document and send it as far and wide as possible. If you want to add a logo to your letter, you can copy and paste it from here.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Dear Sir or Madam,

Did you know that human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime? Not only is it growing but half of all victims are under 18. Human trafficking is to tricked, deceived and exploited and it affects every community world wide.

STOP THE TRAFFIK, whose aim is to stop the buying and selling of people, are about to launch a new campaign called START FREEDOM in partnership with the United Nations.

The campaign consists of engaging resources that have been piloted in 4 countries, and can be used as 4 complete lessons or a series of stand alone activities which fit perfectly with various aspects of the curriculum and within subjects ranging from Citizenship, PHSE, English, Drama and RS.

The lessons focus on:

  1. What human trafficking is
  2. Trafficking and gender issues (global perceptions of women, gender imbalances in education / opportunity, gender typing)
  3. Commodities (e.g. chocolate, cotton, corporate responsibility, responsible consumerism and supply chains)

The final lesson (4) challenges your students to creatively take what they have learnt into their community – this could be anything from a poem, a play, an article in the press or a photo exhibition – whatever your students feel most appropriately gets their message across.

The campaign culminates in March 2010 where your students can upload their stories on the START FREEDOM web site to create the Greatest Freedom Show on Earth!

The campaign launches on October 14th with a film available to view on the web site.

We would be delighted if you and your school wanted to get involved. If you would like to register please visit So far schools have signed up all over the world from Ireland to Afghanistan to Lebanon to Australia.

Your faithfully,


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