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It is a known fact that anti-trafficking operations / safe houses / preventative strategies around the world have incredibly limited resources in terms of people power and money.

In London, it’s about to get a lot more streamlined as the Met review the fate of an anti – trafficking team.

On the realisation that the needs of those trafficked into sexual exploitation were not best met within usual crime teams such as Clubs and Vice, a special anti-trafficking unit was set up as part of Operation MAXIM.

The existence of a separate police unit has seen an increase in prosecutions and rescues in and around London. They have also been specially trained to deal with victims from a humanistic, victim centred approach whilst catching the bad guys (or girls as the case may be).

STOP THE TRAFFIK think it crazy this victim focused team be disbanded and are asking you to help make a one last line of resistance!

We would be thrilled if you emailed / wrote a few lines expressing your (and our!) concerns about the life span of anti – trafficking units and commitment of the Met to view trafficking as a gross violation of human rights.

Please email / write to (I have drafted a letter below for you to cut and paste if are short of time!)



Cressida Dick                                                                           Assistant Commissioner                                                        Specialist Crime Directorate                                             Metropolitan Police Service                                                                        New Scotland Yard                                                                               Broadway                                                                                                   LONDON    SW1H 0BG

Dear Ms Dick,

I am writing to express my concern over the life-span of the Met’s specialist anti-trafficking team as part of Operation MAXIM.

Although I understand you are bound by funding issues and that streamlining anti – trafficking activities is necessary to avoid any miscommunication and confusion; it seems logical that a problem as big and horrific as human trafficking requires a dedicated, specialist team who focus their attention solely on reducing harm felt by those who have been preyed upon and trafficked.

I am concerned that if the anti – trafficking team are relocated into other policing units; for example Clubs and Vice, the victim centered approach will be lost. Furthermore men and women who are rescued as part of a brothel raid may be miss-identified and seen as sex workers and / or illegal immigrants rather than victims of human rights abuses.

Additionally, if all the anti-trafficking teams areas of work are placed within other units, who will have the same victim – centered approach to men, women and children who have been exploited in ways other than the sex industry?

I look forward to your response and thank you for understanding my worries.

There is also an e-petition circulating if anyone wants to put their name behind efforts to “Keep the Special Trafficking Unit”…HEREThis is not ours – its actually sponsored by Mary Honeyball, MEP but please pass this onto friends and help us get more signatures!



3 thoughts on “URGENT: 2 second UK campaign: LAST LINE OF RESISTANCE

  1. Maria

    Thanks for the draft email, i sent one straight away! let us know what effect it has. Thanks for all your hard work and blogging! – Maria

    1. Maria

      Response back:

      Dear Ms Taylor
      Thank you for your e-mail dated 2nd October 2009 to the Commissioner regarding the Metropolitan Police Service Human Trafficking Team, which has been passed to me for a response. Thank you for your praise for the work of the Human Trafficking Team since March 2007.
      I would like to reassure you that we do recognise that Human Trafficking is a very serious matter and the MPS will continue to tackle the criminal networks who are involved as well as supporting the individuals affected. We recognise that this is distinct from organised immigration crime.
      However, change is needed. We cannot continue to operate the way we do now with reduced funding. As you are aware, the reduction in funding is due to both a loss of external funding and the very difficult budgetary situation for the MPS in the coming years.
      The strategic review by Commander Simon O’Brien is identifying how we can become more joined up and efficient by avoiding duplication and have clearer lines of responsibility across business groups. This will allow us to do the same for less and we will continue to tackle both human trafficking and organised immigration crime.
      The architecture may look different but core services will continue to be delivered.

      Cressida Dick
      Assistant Commissioner
      Specialist Crime Directorate

  2. Thanks so much for this Maria, I have forwarded it around the team at STOP THE TRAFFIK. We hear that they received lots of letters from the public and we hear our ACT groups in London are also in the process of contacting the MET regarding this issue. Keep up the good work, and if we get any news you’ll be the first to know! G

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