Global news round 23.09.09


Nine arrested In GREECE

Nine people were arrested in Athens on charges related to human trafficking. Property raids uncovered eight immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan thought to have been transported through Turkey. They were physically abused by their captors, and blackmailed into paying 4,000 euros for their freedom.


US gives money to increase awareness in MOLDOVA

Moldova was granted financial assistance of 1.4m dollars from the USA, as part of an initiative to better combat human trafficking, corruption and organized crime. The aid will go towards various areas including workshops to train judges and prosecutors about the complex dimensions of human trafficking.


Awareness in COLUMBIA

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is due to launch an initiative throughout Colombia to develop the media’s capacity in covering human trafficking. Journalists will take part in a series of workshops training them about the true global dimensions of human trafficking. This move is significant because Colombia is a country of origin, transit and destination so the role of the media can contribute immensely to increasing awareness thus help prevent the continuation of this illicit crime.



USA reprimands PAKISTAN

Pakistan’s failed to comply with minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, despite some recent progress in the form of awareness programs and the prosecution of traffickers. Some reports suggest Pakistan didn’t give the required information to the US State Department but it could be that trafficking is not a priority for President Zardari’s government. Pakistan is a source, transit and destination country and is renowned particularly for bonded labour, with estimations at over one million people working within this category.


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