Secret Diary writer needs help…

Good day one and all!

I hope that this afternoon (or whatever time of day it is in your world) finds you well and at least a little bit smiley.

I am sure you are all aware of our START FREEDOM project by now…

If not… where have you been?! Go immediately and check out


So. Here’s the thing:

START FREEDOM is a rocking campaign. It has the possibility to really change lives – either by opening people’s eyes, by training a new age of ACTIVISTS and by keeping those at risk safe.


Here’s the problem:

There are only 4 of us in the UK office and we want this to go as far and wide as possible. That means we need your help….

We have a stack of fliers, and we would love them to be sent to as many schools as possible addressed to the head of Citizenship or equivalent subject.


Here’s the solution:

Email us and we will send you some fliers to send to your local secondary schools. If you could keep a record of who you send them to, excellent – it will stop us doubling up.

I am also looking for volunteers to help me do a comparison survey called something like: ‘Who do teachers listen to: Head office, Young People or Adults?’

Not very catchy, I know. I am working on a better title.

If you would like some fliers and / or would like to be involved in my make-it-up-as-you-go-along study, please email putting START FREEDOM in the subject line.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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