American and Canadians trick-or-treaters UNITE!

Ahhhh trick or treating.  Takes me back to my youth! I used to have so much fun wandering around eating sweets and getting all sugar happy. In the UK we dress up as well (not sure what it’s like where you live), I liked dressing up as a mummy (as in mummified corpse, not just pushing a pram!).

This year STOP THE TRAFFIK USA are doing something pretty out of the ordinary.

This year, trick or treaters from Canada and America will be reversing the whole process and actually GIVING fair-trade chocolate to unsuspecting folk opening the door! Not only is it fair-trade but it is also VEGAN

They will do this to:

  • campaign AGAINST poverty among cocoa farmers
  • campaign to END forced/abusive child labour in the cocoa industry
  • PROMOTE Fair Trade
  • PROTECT the environment

Chocolate gifts will be accompanied by a card informing people about poverty and child labor problems in the cocoa industry. Parents of last year’s youngest participants raved about how Reverse Trick-or-Treating transformed Halloween into a meaningful event .

Not only that but…. it’s…… FREE!

Yes, that’s right, the chocolate and cards are both FREE thanks to the generous donations of Fair Trade chocolate companies listed on this website

The only thing you have to pay is shipping and packing which amounts to a meager $5.50


Find out more here


Do it!



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