Global economic downturn is an upturn for traffickers


Good day dear reader.

An unfortunately somber posting this afternoon I’m afraid. Right now, in Vienna, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) are having a high level conference on human trafficking and how to stop it. One of the major issues they’re looking at is the impact that the global economic downturn is having on trafficking. Their initial concerns are grave. They state that “The impact of the global economic crisis in severely reducing legitimate employment opportunities and increasing the vulnerability of millions of people to sexual and labour exploitation”

This is so tragic, yet so true. As the effects of the credit crunch spread throughout the world, and effects those areas that are already poor and already suffer from vulnerability to trafficking, levels of poverty are becoming more acute. In these situations, people take risks. Even those who understand the risks surrounding trafficking are being forced into such tight corners that they are taking risks they otherwise wouldn’t.

This is so frustrating. The poorest people facing the worst conditions just so a bunch of greedy bankers in the West could stack their chips higher and higher, with no thought of the far reaching consequences. Such greed.

At least this conference is very positive and it illustrates the seriousness with which many nations are taking the problem of trafficking. There will be a further report on the results of the conference in the coming days so keep your eyes peeled for more.

Until then, check out all the stuff on their website here and here for a bit of Hilary Clinton


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