STOP THE TRAFFIK USA: looking for interns


Would you like to spend 8 weeks this fall working to STOP human trafficking?
STOP THE TRAFFIK USA are now accepting applications for Fall Internships.

Internships run from Oct 6th – December 10th 2009 and require approximately 15 – 20 hours per week.

Email for an application pack


Deadline for applications is September 10th 2009 (sorry for the late notice – the advert went to my inbox and I’ve been on holiday having inhuman amounts of fun!)

 What would I be doing?

STOP THE TRAFFIK USA, administered by Oasis, works to end slavery in the U.S. through advocacy, education and intervention.

They collaborate with community groups, law enforcement and government to help eradicate trafficking from our communities.

This is your opportunity to join the team and help communities become ‘traffik free’!


Together we can Stop the Traffik
Thank you!
626 447 0400


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