Global trafficking headlines 03.09.09

clip_image002 America

Human Trafficking Bill Passes Assembly

In SACRAMENTO, California – The State Assembly yesterday unanimously approved legislation that would allow courts to seize any property, such as a house or automobile. In addition to the courts seizing property, the legislation would add civil penalties of up to $25,000.


September is Washington DC’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month

September is Washington D.C.’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the event which was established thanks to the efforts of the DC Task Force on Human Trafficking.


US message to Malaysia: Stop human trafficking quickly KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The United States welcomes Malaysia’s crackdown on human trafficking, but wants to see “results rather than rhetoric” before it can remove the Southeast Asian country from a blacklist, a senior official said Thursday.


clip_image002[1]   Hong Kong

Vice cartel smashed

(HONG KONG — Police have smashed a vice syndicate suspected of trafficking women from the Philippines and luring them into prostitution in Hong Kong, officials said.


clip_image002[2] Bangladesh

Women Trafficking on the rise Girls and Child trafficking is one of the greatest forms of child abuse in the world today, and in Bangladesh it is widespread and increasing. It is an extension of the very serious hard or illicit labour problem, with poverty, families and ignorance determinant in the vulnerability of girls to exploitation.


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