The day the world changed forever

Today I am not going to talk about our campaigns or in fact anything directly trafficking related. Instead I am going to pay tribute and mark respect to those who suffered during one of the bloodiest times in European history.

Today, 70 years ago, the first shots of World War II were fired by a Nazi battleship into a Polish fort near Gdansk.

Around the world, whether suffering was felt by men on the front lines, by children huddled up terrified in the dark; by the millions of people forced into ghettos, concentration camps and  death camps; by women brutality taken and raped as the prizes of war throughout Eastern Europe and Germany. Whether it was suffering caused by losing a loved one, a family, or an entire generation; at losing an identity; at losing the ability to think outside propaganda, today marks the start of a war which saw 55,000,000 die in 6 years.

It is impossible to visualise 55,000,000 but it is not impossible to stop and think about how the world changed 70 years ago today


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