Nestlé can’t find their beans …

Hey guys! Phil here – a fellow STOP THE TRAFFIK supporter from London. Just wanted to share with you an interesting phone call I just had with Nestlé…

…So I heard today about how around 40% of the world’s cocoa supply comes from the Ivory Coast – a hotspot for exploitative child labour, where children have been trafficked from neighbouring countries to work on farms where they aren’t paid, are worked long hours, and under appalling conditions. Apparently, Nestlé is all caught up in this process by buying their cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast – so I phoned them up to ask them about it…

…The first lady I spoke to told me she didn’t know whether Nestlé’s chocolate came from the Ivory Coast – but she assured me that Nestlé didn’t own any farms there. I told her that Nestlé didn’t have to own the farms to have committed wrongdoing – it was still involved in the supply chain! She still couldn’t answer my questions so she passed me onto the media department (apparently they thought I was a journalist!). They couldn’t help me, so they directed me onto their HQ. The lady there still didn’t know whether Nestlé’s cocoa came from the Ivory Coast! I asked how a company’s HQ couldn’t know where their chocolate was coming from. Eventually they thought I’d be better suited for their Complaints Department! So they patched me through. Still they didn’t know whether they got their cocoa from the Ivory Coast, but they could give me some websites which apparently DID know. And what was the first web address they gave me…?!

So they can’t find their beans (or their marbles), and they can’t even make a coherent argument. Wow Nestlé, if there was ever such a thing as shooting yourself in the collective foot (or feet??), you’ve displayed it wonderfully…


4 thoughts on “Nestlé can’t find their beans …

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