Wicked weekend away

Hello again blog readers. I hope you are all well on this balmy Wednesday afternoon and that you’re enjoying our guest blog writers (myself included), and that our Secret Diary Writer is reading them and smiling!

I just wanted to fill you in on a super-duper weekend away that aforementioned Secret Diary Writer and myself recently enjoyed. We (STOP THE TRAFFIK) were invited by these amazing youngsters, who are part of international movement called the Woodcraft Folk, to run two human trafficking workshops at their international DF camp that runs every four years.

We were very pleased, and a little terrified, with the invitation but we strove ahead with plans for the workshops. After much deliberation we headed for the small village of Bingley, just outside Bradford, for our two days of camping and spreading the word about STOP THE TRAFFIK. Despite getting a teeny tiny bit lost on the way, the whole thing was a massive success! The guys who were running the camp and those who took part were all super brilliant and much was learned. The whole experience was truly fab. We got to run two really productive interactive, creative workshops that everyone got stuck into. The message we were spreading really took hold and it was truly inspirational to see how deeply affected and inspired some of the participants were! I don’t think it’s overstating it to say some were genuinely moved to action.

The whole experience was just brilliant and the emotion it created was wonderfully refreshing. I genuinely believe that some of those there are going to go and make a stance against human trafficking. What more could we ask for? That’s what STOP THE TRAFFIK is all about, taking action on the ground in your area. All in all: well done Woodcraft Folk, DF camp was tip-top! Spread the word. STOP THE TRAFFIK.


One thought on “Wicked weekend away

  1. Magico


    Great to see that you had a good weekend! It looks like it could be the start of a great partnership?

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out that the Woodcraft Folk is a british organisation (woodcraft.org.uk) and that DF camp is a annual event runned by DFs (spanthatworld.com).

    Keep the good work!

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