Body good news!

Hello dear blog readers! How are you all on this wonderful Thursday afternoon. This is the second post from your stand-in blogger due to the much celebrated (joking!) absence of our Secret Diary Writer. After the bittersweet tone of the good news/bad news post I have some 100% certified GOOD NEWS to tell you all about!

Those clever, productive, wonderful people over at ECPAT UK are about to launch a fab new campaign against child trafficking in with The Body Shop. Over the next 3 years, this new alliance will work tirelessly together to raise both funds (dosh) and awareness to fight trafficking. So three cheers!

The main ‘body’ (haha) of the project is the release of a scrumptious new hand cream called ‘Soft hands-Kind heart’ that can be purchased in stores or online. It only costs £5 and of that £3.15 will go directly to ECPAT UK and the great work they do on fighting child trafficking. That’s just ace right? That means you’re actually only paying £1.85 for the cream and giving the rest to ECPAT.

What’s (even) more, The Body Shop stores across the UK will have posters and information materials on child trafficking as well as the hand cream. This is just a really really really good project that deserves a great big round of applause!

See I told you this was good news.

To find out about the ECPAT – The Body Shop campaign and to buy the hand cream on-line visit our website


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