Secret Diary Writer keeps losing

I have to state from the outset that I can be a little competitive.

To set the scene we have 6 desks pushed into the small dark corner of a large room. If I look to my left right now, I can see approximately 25 meters of empty, blue carpeted space.

So, this week, we have had STOP THE TRAFFIK’s very own Phil Lane in the office (he is our chocolate guru based in the Belgium office).  At about 1600 every day, as I am sure you can imagine, energy levels can sometimes wain. To beat the post lunch, can’t possibly drink another cup of tea mood, we decided to race to the far end wall and back. Man vs. Woman. Belgium vs. English-German cross breed. Phil vs. Me.

Have I mentioned I am a little competitive?

We sprung up from our chairs and threw ourselves across the room and back. I am not sure what the people below must have thought.

Anyway, I lost.

I lost every single day and we raced 5 times.

Belgium 5. Me 0.

I thought that if I shared my experience of losing with you, it’d make me feel  better. It doesn’t. Think I should either go into formal training for when Phil comes back or only challenge people I can beat.

Might race the interns next week.

Cheating, that’s the future.


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