2 finger Kit-Kats? 2 fingers to Nestle


Lets start right there. GRRRRRR

Not GRRR like a tiger, rather GRRRR like someone who has just eaten a large amount of fair trade sugary treats and read Nestle’s (ridiculous) press release.

So, the lovely, caring and socially aware Nestle have made a fantastic decision.

Here is the title of their press release…..

‘Kit Kat Appeals to Mums with No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives’

in short, 2 finger Kit-Kats will be re-released without the above to help make the world a better, healthier place.

I wonder if it should read

‘Kit-kat appeals to mothers in the UK who are justifiably concerned about the rubbish put into their children’s food but Nestle has seemingly forgotten about their countless promises and the trauma of mothers in the Ivory coast whose children have been taken and forced to work in horrific circumstances picking the beans to help make Kit-Kats annual profit of £89,000,000’

Groovy. Well done nestle.

Free from preservatives – yes

Free from trafficked, exploited child labour – no.

Your challenge is to think of and post alternative titles to Nestle’s press release. The best one wins a ….. kit-kat. No, I mean a fair trade, ethically made chocolate bar.


Stick your finger up at Nestle, read and send this letter

find out more about the chocolate campaign here


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