The missing country

Hello lovely readers.

I have a little quiz for you today.

Our fabulous intern just found this quote, all you have to do is fill in the blank. The winner will receive (wait for it) a STOP THE TRAFFIK postcard and an out of date fair-trade chocolate bar (you can’t say we don’t reward your passions!)


‘Corruption and bribery were mentioned by a range of interviewees involved in smuggling and trafficking as a means of smoothing the passage into _____________ ‘


14 thoughts on “The missing country

    1. Horahhhhhh!
      Kelsey, good job. And also Maria You both win the prize!

      Crazy isn’t it? Who would have thought it? Not me.

      if you both email with your addresses (putting BLOG in the subject line) I will send you your rather special prizes

  1. Shirin Brown

    Sorry I missed my opportunity for an out of date candy bar!

    What’s the symbol on the movie I just watched – A key on the hand? Is that it? Filled in on the key but not on the loop? It would be cool to see a large version of it somewhere. sorry to be posting here, not sure where to post.

  2. Hi Shrin,
    Good question! The blob on the hands is our logo, the STOP THE TRAFFIK key . I am going to post something here about it later explaining to the masses but in essence you are correct. I will put a big picture of it on the blog later.

    If you like, I can save you an out of date chocolate bar so it’s even more out of date…..

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