A simple way you can help START FREEDOM


Hello everybody!

Below are TWO letters (one for adults and one for young people) which can be copied into a word document or email and sent to schools in your area. Remember to delete as appropriate! If you would rather write your own letter, no worries! It’s your campaign!

You can translate at will – the resources are in over 10 languages! If you have the letter in another language, I would love to put it up so others can use it.

For adults

Dear [insert name of relevant teacher or department]

Did you know that human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime? Not only is it growing but half of all victims are under 18. Human trafficking involves tricking, deceiving and exploiting victims and affects every community world wide.

STOP THE TRAFFIK, whose aim is to stop the buying and selling of people, run a campaign called START FREEDOM in partnership with the United Nations.

The campaign consists of engaging resources that have been piloted in 4 countries, and can be used as 4 complete lessons or a series of stand alone activities which fit perfectly with various aspects of the curriculum and within subjects ranging from Citizenship, PHSE, English, Drama and RS.

The lessons focus on:

  1. What human trafficking is
  2. Trafficking and gender issues (global perceptions of women, gender imbalances in education / opportunity, gender typing)
  3. Commodities (e.g. chocolate, cotton, corporate responsibility, responsible consumerism and supply chains)

The final lesson (4) challenges your students to creatively take what they have learnt into their community – this could be anything from a poem, a play or an article in the press, to a photo exhibition – whatever your students feel most appropriately gets their message across.

In March this year, START FREEDOM had the Greatest Freedom Show on Earth with young people sharing with each other their stories and activities in many creative ways!

We would be delighted if you and your school wanted to get involved. If you would like to register please visit www.startfreedom.org. So far schools have signed up in 97 countries all over the world- from Ireland to Afghanistan to Lebanon to Australia!

Your faithfully,

For young people

Dear [insert name of teacher]

My name is [ …….] and I go to [ …………. ] school.

I have learnt a bit about human trafficking and how it affects us as young people both here in [town] and all over the world.

A charity called STOP THE TRAFFIK runs a school campaign with the UN and it sounds really interesting.

Please can we do these lessons at school?

You can find out more at www.startfreedom.org

 Thank you


6 thoughts on “A simple way you can help START FREEDOM

  1. Tilmeeth

    I have no children myself but I have written letters to the principals of four local colleges asking if they may be interested in joining the campaign. I live in a rural area so they are widely spread.


    Dear friend i am an independ journalist and working with rural poor communities in D.r.congo ,i am writting some papers about violence in my country and specially in my rural poor community.So,i would like to know more about your program so i can be involved in .please let me know more about and so i can promote your work in my country here where violence is frequently with women.

  3. Hello there Roger,

    We would really love to start a conversation with you about how we can help each other! We have a lot of useful informative resources that may help you, and it would be fantastic if you wanted to introduce the START FREEDOM program in school communities in Congo. This project has resources on trafficking – how we can define, identify and protect vulnerable, on trafficking and commodities, and trafficking and gender issues. Please email me on info@stopthetraffik.org and we can start talking about the ways we can help each other. Thanks so much and I really look forward to hearing from you. From Georgia

  4. fajar khan

    This is fajar khan from Pakistan.i have read all the resources related to human trafficking and am now willing to write for it.In my country no exclusive law exists to deal with internal trafficking of persons and if there is some no action has been taken.i wanted to know if you people are working in my country?if yes thn it would be a pleasure working for this organization.so now where do i post awareness stuff related to human trafficking???thanku.

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