Secret Diary Writer airs her frustrations (again)

Secret Diary writer airs her frustrations.

Now, I know I have now started two of these posts of late having a bit of a moan but this is something I feel I have to get off my chest…

I know all countries around the world are feeling the impact of the current global money madness (am bored of writing and hearing the words rece**ion, cru?ch, dow!-turn and have banned them from my vocabulary) BUT, the following is ridiculous.

You know, I don’t think I need to actually write anything, I’ll just show you two headlines and maybe you can guess why I have come to the conclusion that someone out there has got their priorities all mixed up.





4 thoughts on “Secret Diary Writer airs her frustrations (again)

  1. My husband and i just heard about his sentence today and while i don’t think people should steal money, it’s still money. Not human beings. So many other things should be punished more severely.

  2. I totally agree. Of course, robbing people of millions of pounds is deserving of punishment – but the comparison is outrageous. Look at the sentencing for trafficking, rape, torture and they are all peanuts. What does society value more, clearly money. Madness.

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