Oh the life of an intern

Hello and good afternoon to all of our avid blog readers! I’m a new intern at STOP THE TRAFFIK and here is a conversation I just had with our regular blog poster:

Regular blog writer (in slightly demanding voice); “write a blog post”

Me; “on what?”

Regular blog writer; “whatever”

So here you go! I think I’ll use this podium opportunity to tell you about my experiences thus far in my new role here. Having done a couple of other previous internships, I can happily say that STT is the best I’ve been involved with. Firstly, the guys are an interesting (and interested) bunch of dedicated activists and it’s hard for their passion and commitment not to rub off. So that’s great. Secondly, and this is without doubt the best bit of working here, they actually seem to trust me, appreciate me and genuinely listen to my input and point of view. This may seem insignificant but trust me, being listened to and taken notice of is a scarce condition in internships, so cheers guys!

I’ve been sent on workshops, attended meetings, met activists and collaborators, written letters, sent merchandise out, done research…..everything really! Thirdly, and on a more somber note, I’ve learned a whole load more about the abhorrent modern day trade in human beings and I’ve had my desire to help STOP THE TRAFFIK solidly stirred up. So I’m going to use my last words here to thank you for visiting this website and reading this blog…..and urge you to think about something you can do today, tomorrow or next week to help end the misery experienced by so many people in the UK and world wide. Just a little something, anything, that might help in the fight against trafficking.

Cheers guys! Have a happy afternoon.


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