Freedom and fashion

Is it just me or is it immensely frustrating that the high street stores are still selling their suspiciously low priced t-shirts which we all know deep down inside have been made inhumanely, unethically and at the expense of innocent peoples’ welfare? We all love a bargain but how much longer will we line the pockets of the ‘fat-cats’ instead of the people who actually deserve it?

Recently I heard about a company called Freed Fashion. They were established in 2007 to raise awareness of the issues of the sex industry and human trafficking in Cambodia whilst employing and training disadvantaged women affected by these issues. Love it.

The founders, Rosie Dobby and Jen Graham, travelled to Phnom Penh in Cambodia to work in partnership with an NGO called Daughters of Cambodia. Daughters assist women in voluntarily leaving the sex industry, provide them with counselling and employs them to make things like such as cakes, jewellery and bags.

Rosie trained 4 young women in t-shirt production and provided them with necessary equipment and training… Freed Fashion was born!

The t-shirts retail at £10 and can be bought through their website There are two main designs, I’m torn between the irony of walking round with ‘Made in Cambodia’ on my clothes (I am a pasty, red head) or wearing the message ‘Freed’ with pride as a reminder of how free I am and how my t-shirt has set someone free from slavery for life.

So, I’m convinced. This kind of work makes the sort of difference to peoples’ lives that you and I will probably never fully be able to get our heads round but I don’t think £10 is an unreasonable amount to pay for a t-shirt that has set someone free as opposed to worked them senseless for no money at all. No brainer really.

Sadly, the high street stores have been winning until now – production has had to be stopped due to a lack of funding but any profit made on the t-shirts will be donated to Daughters so the welfare of the women is still being put first. How refreshing.


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